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As a parent of an alumni, I can not
recommend this preschool enough.  If you
want to start your child on the path to loving
to learn and knowing he/she is loved
consider Covenant.
Amazing teachers!  Very loving and caring
about your little ones.  My three kids have
great memories about their experience with
CUMP!  I definitely recommend this
preschool, from a highly satisfied mom!
I can not say enough wonderful things about CUMP.  
Our granddaughters were so enriched socially,
emotionally, and academically by this nurturing
experience in their lives.  Ava's kindergarten teacher
let her mom know before the year was half over that
Ava had met every academic requirement of
kindergarten.  This is because of the excellent
background she gained from CUMP.  Every child
should be so lucky!  To be honest, I miss the smiles
and warmth shared by the staff!

All 3 of my girls had a great experience at
CUMP!  Wonderful staff and outstanding
program.  Highly recommended!

Here is what our parents are saying about us:
Covenant United Methodist Preschool is a
wonderful school.  When we moved into the area
we fell in love with the program.  All four of my
children went there.  It has been great to see
them receive the foundation of building blocks to
a great education.  My children were so excited to
go to preschool every day, and to see the
wonderful teachers we have grown to love over
the years.  

I have 2 grandchildren who are CUMP alumni.  
I researched several preschool and PreK
programs in the county.  I am so grateful we
selected CUMP. The teachers all are loving,
caring, kind, patient and were a blessing to
us.  Both children thrived there and were well
prepared to start kindergarten.  I highly
recommend CUMP to anyone looking for a
preschool or PreK home.

My daughter attended CUMP for 2 years and it
was a great experience! She is doing great in
kindergarten because of everything she
learned last year.  Highly recommend!

My daughter was in the Terrific Twos and is now
in the Threes preschool room at CUMP, and she
had loved every minute!  She's thriving
academically and socially.  The staff is nurturing
and experienced, and the children get a rich
early learning experience.  I highly recommend
CUMP and the Terrific Twos programs!

Truly amazing preschool who have mastered a
nurturing learning environment.  Not only are they
nurturing but my children thrive academically.  I have
my 3 year old currently enrolled and an alumni who
transitioned to a rigorous private kindergarten
program.  She has been able to master all of her new
skills without difficulty.  I know that Covenant United
Methodist Preschool was instrumental in preparing her
for kindergarten.  We are truly blessed to be part of the
CUMP family!

Two of my youngest boys attended here.  
CUMP is like family, teachers are very
attentive, caring and truly love what they
do.  We miss you folks!

My 3 year old daughter started school for the 1st
time and struggled with separation anxiety.  The
teachers and the director at CUMP were patient,
caring, and gentle with her.  The staff
brainstormed and tried different strategies to help
my daughter feel comfortable daily.  She's now
absolutely in love with her school.  I highly
recommend CUMP to anyone who's looking for a
nurturing and a hands-on learning environment for
his/her preschooler.